This Years Goal

Updated December 2019 As some may have seen, we took on a rescue pup in October, well…don’t they take a lot of time! Because of that a few goals have changed and few been added as I’ve had more time to ponder!

As I come to the end of the first year of our partnership I’ve decided to keep a note of this years goals, and regularly update our progress.

So here goes…this years goals.

Fitness Plan

Poor BJ has taken a back seat recently, with the new puppy taking a lot of my time. So we’ve recently started a fitness programme to get him back into shape ready for a busy year ahead. The goal is to have him up and running by mid February, I’ll be posting daily updates on our Insta and also a weekly round up on YouTube every week, we’d love for you to join us.

British Dressage Goals

I need to upgrade membership and get out competing at affiliated shows. Our aim is to stay at Prelim this year, with an aim to be trying Novice by this time next year. When pennies allow I need to upgrade BJ’s registration too – having said that, with the new system you can pay a monthly DD! woop! so should be able to get that sorted in the newt few months.

  1. Upgrade to Full Member – COMPLETED 29/09/19
  2. Compete at Prelim at an Affiliated show – 2 are booked for October!
  3. Upgrade BJ’s Registration – Nov 2019 – This has changed to Feb 2020
  4. Take part in BD MyQuest
  5. Qualify for TGCA Assosiated Championships
  6. Qualify for Petplan Area Festivals 2020
  7. Possibly take part in combined training…if I can find a qualifier in my area!
  8. Attempt my first Novice unaffiliated and score 60% + – Oct 2020

Jumping Goals

I’m not sure about where to go with jumping, I’d like to be confidently jumping 1m by this time next year, but not sure about whether I want to be more competitive here, we’ll leave this a little vague for now I think

  1. Confidently jumping 1m – Compete at local show and go clear by Oct 2020

Cross Country Goals

Invest in some more training, and gain more confidence. I’m terrified and that translates to BJ being unsure, so I need by brave girl pants on and to just get on with it.

  1. Regular training – once a month (weather permitting)
  2. Complete a local ODE – Oct 2020

Showing Goals

Ok, so I know I said I had no interest in showing again, but I was wrong. I’d love to give it another go next year, but focusing on different classes. Working Hunter still appeals and surprisingly, Concors has also taken my eye….

  1. Confidently completing WH courses at local shows at 70-80cm – July 2020
  2. Make Concors d’elegance outfit – March 2020
  3. Take part in local concors shows – August 2020
  4. Become a TGCA Member – Oct 2019 – Completed Sept 2019
  5. Register BJ as a partbred with TGCA – Nov 2019
  6. Take part in the Nettex TGCA BD Championships – August 2020

All the other bits

  1. Side-Saddle – make sure we get a lesson in every 2-3 weeks. we both enjoy it and are hoping to progress well.
  2. Complete the Burghley Sponsored Ride again.
  3. Use my magazine subscriptions! I have 2 and need to make more effort to read regularly and use the schooling advice they give in our training at home.