Week 2 Complete

Week 2 down, and on to 3! This was a pretty simple week, we just increased our walk work to 1 hour a day. BJ had 2 days off, which wasn’t planned, but just kind of happened. The week started well, and Wednesday (New Years Day) I found myself with some unexpected extra time, so […]

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Dressage and Clear Round SJ

A few weeks back I decided to head a little further afield for the Colne Valley Riding Club Dressage and Clear Round Show Jumping. I find BJ settles and has a nicer canter after a lil’ jump, so thought this would be a fab opportunity to have a little practice towards some combined training. We […]

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Daily Ramblings 26/03/19

So, I’m starting something new for me. I’m going to share some of our daily activities like schooling, lunging etc. I’m trying to keep myself focused from the high of Sunday and build on what the judges say, so by next month there will hopefully be an improvement in our performance. Today we had a […]

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Side Saddle Playtime!

In all the excitement of the dressage I’ve been a lil slack sharing our Side Saddle lesson last week. It’s been on my wishlist for years to try it and I promised myself when I bought BJ that we’d start within a year, well, 5 months in and we had a lesson booked. I’m very […]

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Thank you Equissimo

Anyone following me on on social profiles will have noticed I’ve been taking part in the #teamequissimo BA search. Today is the last day….and I’m a sad panda! I’m really going to miss my daily task or chats and have really enjoyed taking part. It’s genuinely pushed me to do things I’ve avoided for months/years! […]

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#teamequissimo funny stories

Today’s challenge from Equissimo is to share our funniest equestrian stories…I didn’t think I had any U or PG rated ones I could share, but while walking the Piglet I remembered a doozy! We’ll go back maybe 8 years, to Lummen in Belgium. It’s a 2 week show and has rained beyond belief! Everywhere is […]

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Equissimo Order Review

It’s been about a month since I had a little shop, so decided to treat myself, well, the boy with a few new bits and thought I’d do a little review. I placed 2 orders and received them both within a week of placing, well within the time stated on the website and easily trackable. […]

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