Off to the Show we go!

Well, this Saturday we had our first (and last) go at showing.

I’ll put my hands up right now, and say it’s never been something that interested me really, I enjoy watching the cob and traditional classes at the Suffolk Show, but have never wanted to get involved myself. However I’m always getting comments that I should try it once so I figured, why not?

We entered the Gipping Riding Society (GRS) Showing Show a few weeks back, my plan was to have a go at the Working Hunter Pony Clear Round, Green Working Hunter and the Open Cob Class.

I figured working hunter should be possible as his jumpig is coming along nicely and it would be good practice.

and the open cob class (any height, any type) meant the midget could get involved, as most show cob classes need him to be at least 5cm taller!

So, 5am came around, alarm work the household…and off we went! Ian was dragged along as I knew I’d need a spare pair of hands through the day and could pay him with bacon butties 🙂

We arrived stupidly early! Before the trade stands in fact, I’d allowed a little too much travel time, but hey ho, I’d rather be early and have time to kill than late and rushing.

The showground was beautiful, well set up, and as always with GRS everyone was so welcoming and friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed.

I had a quick walk of the CR course and fell in love! So beautifully put together, everything flowed wonderfully and no chance of me getting lost (always a fear with jumping I’m ashamed to say!).

We had a nice relaxed warm up, then in to the clear round. Clipped no5 uphill and got confused between 1 or 2 strides in the double, but overall I was really happy with how we handled it, nice and calm and well jumped buddy!

Then came the actual class…Green Working Hunter…and they add a skinny! which isn’t that skinny, but we’ve never done them before and as soon as I see it I loose any calm I have and go into full panic/twat mode! So…you guessed it, we had it down! Got over it, so YAY for that, but we had it down, along with the another one, that’s 2 down. Ah well…he jumped the rest of the course well and his little show went well too 🙂

Next was pretty much a whole lot of nothing! it was about 11am, and we didn’t have another class until 3ish…so a lot of waiting around…

The last class we did was Open Cobs. I have mixed feelings about this one and I’m wanting to be careful not to sound like a whiney cack bag or sore loser. There were some STUNNING Cobs in this class, and we in no way deserved to place. That I’m sure of, however, we were last…and I feel my straight moving, well put together cob didn’t deserve to be last. But hey ho, that’s showing!

The judges in both classes were lovely, feedback was given by both of them and they were very kind to the grown woman stressing like a twat on her pony in front of them!

Overall I enjoyed another lovely day out with my boy, he had good practice standing by the lorry and staying calm and he did everything asked of him willingly, so I can’t fault him.

And whatever any judge says, I know how far my boy has come, no, both of us, have come in just a few months, and to me he was always be the best at any show or competition and I’m always the winner as I get to take him home with me.

But I prefer my dressage and show jumping and don’t see us showing again. And yes…a big part of that is the tweed…I felt very odd wearing tweed!

Thank you for reading and here’s a little video of the day.

See you again soon

Lucy & BJ xoxo