We try Le Trec…

Last Wednesday BJ and I headed to the HADRC club field to have our first go at Le Trec.

I didn’t really know what it was to be honest, it looked like a fun thing to try, I’ve always seen it a bit as agility on horse back, which it kind of is.

There was 4 in each group, but 2 were a little late, so me and one other got started…the first onsticle was reing back, we’ve not tried this before! we bent a post and he got a little frustrated, but we managed it in the end.

Next to the one handed barells. all in walk this time, but can try faster as we get better!

Then the ditch…we must WALK through it, yup, first time and he got it.

Dancing at the May Pole next, we managed this in walk and trot, pretty sure canter can wait for a few weeks there too!

The next was out of shot on my phone, a simple rail on the floor, step over so BJ’s front legs are one side, hind legs are the other, then walk sideways along it and walk away. Well, my boy nailed that first time, super proud of him.

Off to the skinny corridor, which we managed at walk trot and canter, I actually found it easier in canter!

The bridge was taken in his stride, such delicate little steps as he was a little unsure, but wanting to try it all.

Then the final part, again, out of shot…the bank, walk down and not one horse would go slower than canter up!

They definitely enjoyed the Trec and so did I. Can’t wait to go back in a few weeks for some more.

There was also a course of jumps in the field, so it would be rude not to have a little whizz round. After training with Sharon a few weeks ago I feel my jumping has really changed. She really helped me focus on what is really important and what I need to focus on. Yes, we’re rarely on the correct lead, and it’s not always the tidiest, BUT we’ve really improved our rythym and lines and I’m starting to focus more on the entire course than thinking ‘Thank fuck’ everytime I survive one jump!

I’ve made a little video below for viewing, thank you again for reading, and we’ll see you soon.

Lucy & BJ xoxo