Friday Night Show Jumping

BJ and I are very lucky to have a fair few venues near to us that have lots going on. A few weeks ago we headed to Topthorn for some Friday night showjumping.

It’s a novice night and indoor, so I was concerned the course may be a little tight, but when I walked it I was happy he’d be ok as it was nice and flowing and not to tight…but…there it is again…the dreaded skinny!!

It’s a silly thing to worry over, but we’ve never jumped these at home and I see them and panic! So…there it is….the last fence…a 9not really that skinny) skinny!

BJ worked in nicely…beautifully actually! It was the day after y combined training with Sharon Hunt and he was FLYING!

Quick clear round, then we did the 40cm & 50cm class.

Both of which, went well! I never expect to place when we go jumping, I look at every jumping round as a training session. I want to ride a tidy and accurate round and not worry about time.

After this night out I’ve decided 2 classes are his sweet spot, if I ask for 3 he’s always too tired by the end and dragging his feet. So in future we may do a quick clear round, then a class.

What I loved most about this night was my reaction to the skinny! best video/pics EVER. This little pony make me smile so much and makes me so proud of how far we’ve come, no, we’re not world beaters, but we’re out there, having fun and giving it a go. He’s always so honest and I couldn’t ask for more. And those happy ears, always looking for the jump and showing how much he loves his job!

Here’s the video from the night, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed riding it!

See you all again soon

Lucy & Bojack xoxo

We try Le Trec…

Last Wednesday BJ and I headed to the HADRC club field to have our first go at Le Trec.

I didn’t really know what it was to be honest, it looked like a fun thing to try, I’ve always seen it a bit as agility on horse back, which it kind of is.

There was 4 in each group, but 2 were a little late, so me and one other got started…the first onsticle was reing back, we’ve not tried this before! we bent a post and he got a little frustrated, but we managed it in the end.

Next to the one handed barells. all in walk this time, but can try faster as we get better!

Then the ditch…we must WALK through it, yup, first time and he got it.

Dancing at the May Pole next, we managed this in walk and trot, pretty sure canter can wait for a few weeks there too!

The next was out of shot on my phone, a simple rail on the floor, step over so BJ’s front legs are one side, hind legs are the other, then walk sideways along it and walk away. Well, my boy nailed that first time, super proud of him.

Off to the skinny corridor, which we managed at walk trot and canter, I actually found it easier in canter!

The bridge was taken in his stride, such delicate little steps as he was a little unsure, but wanting to try it all.

Then the final part, again, out of shot…the bank, walk down and not one horse would go slower than canter up!

They definitely enjoyed the Trec and so did I. Can’t wait to go back in a few weeks for some more.

There was also a course of jumps in the field, so it would be rude not to have a little whizz round. After training with Sharon a few weeks ago I feel my jumping has really changed. She really helped me focus on what is really important and what I need to focus on. Yes, we’re rarely on the correct lead, and it’s not always the tidiest, BUT we’ve really improved our rythym and lines and I’m starting to focus more on the entire course than thinking ‘Thank fuck’ everytime I survive one jump!

I’ve made a little video below for viewing, thank you again for reading, and we’ll see you soon.

Lucy & BJ xoxo

Give it a go Show Jumping @ Boyton Hall

How did I forget to share this day with you all? It was one of the best we’ve had!

The boy and I had never done any SJ out and about, so when I saw the ‘Give it a go’ Show Jumping day at Boyton Hall I popped it in the diary and decided to give it a go.

It’s about an hr from me, and the final 20mins are lots of lovely windy country roads, but it’s a venue I’ll definitely be going back to.

Well set up, fab surfaces/areans, friendly and welcoming staff and plenty of parking, what more could you want?

We arrived in good time, and entered the classes we wanted to give a go.

We started with the 30cm clear round, something nice and small to give me an idea of where I was going and give BJ a look at the jumps, he went clear and felt good 🙂

Then we entered 2 classes, Table A7, 40cm & 50cm.

We’re keeping it super small at the moment to build up both of our confidence and to get him a little bored of the lower heights so he wants to jump the larger heights and not feel overfaced.

We got one down in the 40cm, but managed to gain a frillie and placed 5th 🙂

The 50cm we got 2 down, one from a call of nature and the second was 100% my fault.

I came away from the day absolutely buzzing, once again this special boy had performed beautifully, another fantastic day out helping him learn to take it all in his stride.

As always, a little video of our day is below.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you again soon!

Lucy & BJ xoxo

More Showjumping Clinics just cant shut me up this week can you?!

Yesterday saw us heading to Grove Farm for a showjump clinic with Hayley.

I was late, flustered and BJ was a mess straight from the field, but we had a good time.

The aim was to remember how to piece together a course and ride it completely, and for me to WAIT TO JUMP! and not fold a stride out…and also to not dance the funky chicken as we jump, elbows in missy!

Anyways, here’s the video from yesterday, I hope you enjoy it, we sure did!


Jonathan Allinson Clinic

Yesterday we ventured out Stowmarket way for a clinic with Jonathan Allinson. I’ll admit I didn’t really know what to expect, but he was recommended to me by another livery (who was also going to the clinic) so I figured I’d go along and see how we got on.

The boy loaded beautifully, we’ve been playing the pressure release game the last few weeks after he had a little set back, so yesterday was wonderful to have him toodle straight up the ramp and start eating with no fuss.

The journey had a few set backs and we arrived a little late, but BJ was ready to spring into action!

A quick warm up and then we began, we mainly did some good work that challenged both BJ and myself and jumped a small rail at the end.

The entire time, as always, he had a fantastic attitude and really tried, even when he didnt understand what I was asking.

It made my day to have him complimented on his condition too, it’s a silly thing I know, but I’ve spent the last 6 months getting him fit and healthy ready to perform this year, so its fab when professionals notice and comment 😍

Anyways, all in all it was a great day, I definitely want to train with Jonathan again, but would prefer a longer slot, 30mins just wasnt enough for me, I felt we’d just got going when we had to stop.

So here’s yeserdays video, including BJ and Jonathan’s game of chicken! And my constant laughing!

Enjoy xoxo

Impromptu Cross Country

The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting, the sky was skying! A perfect day to go and play in the jump field, and casually mention to Hayley that there are also cross country jumps in the next field…

So here we go, an impromptu cross country training day!

Now, hands up…I’m not wearing a body protector or air jacket, slap my wrist. I own neither as I honestly didn’t think we’d be ready for this so quickly. So…pennies are being saved and I pinky promise I’ll get one before we next play over solid jumps.

So here’s today’s video, I hope you enjoy.

Thank you for watching xoxo

Brave Pants Engaged

Well, after seeing him jumping Wednesday and sharing pics that Hayley saw…there really was no other option for my lesson Thursday, I engaged my brave pants and we jumped! First time in 10 years for me….scary bananas!

I once again forced my GoPro on Hayley and we headed to the school.

Once again, I had so much fun with this awesome pony, and the most surprising thing for me, was how calm he was, we kept it nice a simple, heading towards the jumps in a calm trot and just letting them happen, and even as they got bigger, after the jump we could have a long rein and bumble round. I was worried he’d get over excited with them, but no, once again my lad was calm and sensible and we worked well together.

Please remember when watching the video that I’m massively out of practice, and far from confident when jumping, my biggest issue has always been jumping before the horse…this has not changed!

Now to progress slowly and learn to trust each other and not get in his way. I think I have a habit of slowing him too much so he’ll catch rails and fail to take off, but I guess I’d rather that then winding him up!

Once again, thank you for reading and watching the video, and I hope you’re enjoying our journey as much as I am.


PS. Yes, my left hand in rising trot is driving me mental too, no idea what it’s problem is at the moment!!

Bojack regains his wings!

We’ve really been enjoying the early spring like weather in winter, BJ’s had some lovely naked days in the field and I’ve been putting my brave pants on!

Tuesday he enjoyed a day off, and Wednesday I thought I’d pop him on the lunge and remind him how to jump, he was an utter star!

He came out feeling goooood! He’d spotted the wings and rails and was strutting his stuff on the lunge while warming up.

He happily took himself to the trot and canter poles and flew over them, I was getting the impression he’d missed something a little more challenging.

The first jumps were simple small cross rails and he popped them with ease, I even caught him locking on halfway across the school and taking himself to them.

We then progressed to some uprights, and 80% of them he did with ease, he can occasionally rush and bury himself in them, but is always very honest and tries his best.

I was flying high watching my lad have so much fun, so the last few jumps we really pushed him, loose schooling over an 80cm oxer.

He was a star!!

I’m so proud of how well he did and how hard he tried, and it was really helpful to see him jumping on his own without me getting in the way, now I not only know he can, but also know where I can help him as a rider and hopefully we’ll be out at our first fun clear round jumping soon!

as always, thanks for reading!