Friday Night Show Jumping

BJ and I are very lucky to have a fair few venues near to us that have lots going on. A few weeks ago we headed to Topthorn for some Friday night showjumping.

It’s a novice night and indoor, so I was concerned the course may be a little tight, but when I walked it I was happy he’d be ok as it was nice and flowing and not to tight…but…there it is again…the dreaded skinny!!

It’s a silly thing to worry over, but we’ve never jumped these at home and I see them and panic! So…there it is….the last fence…a 9not really that skinny) skinny!

BJ worked in nicely…beautifully actually! It was the day after y combined training with Sharon Hunt and he was FLYING!

Quick clear round, then we did the 40cm & 50cm class.

Both of which, went well! I never expect to place when we go jumping, I look at every jumping round as a training session. I want to ride a tidy and accurate round and not worry about time.

After this night out I’ve decided 2 classes are his sweet spot, if I ask for 3 he’s always too tired by the end and dragging his feet. So in future we may do a quick clear round, then a class.

What I loved most about this night was my reaction to the skinny! best video/pics EVER. This little pony make me smile so much and makes me so proud of how far we’ve come, no, we’re not world beaters, but we’re out there, having fun and giving it a go. He’s always so honest and I couldn’t ask for more. And those happy ears, always looking for the jump and showing how much he loves his job!

Here’s the video from the night, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed riding it!

See you all again soon

Lucy & Bojack xoxo

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