To re-take or not to re-take…That is the question?!

Hello there my lovely followers, Sorry I’ve been a little quiet thelast week or so, work again takes priority and spare time to write blogs get pushed to the side!

This blog is about my entries for Dressage Riders Online this month.

I treat an online test the same as one I attend in person. I look to school the boy for about 30-40minutes before. He takes a while to get working nicely and waking up his back end, so I have a good schooling session before, working on transitions and lots of lateral work to get him listening and moving nicely.

Where possible we’ll do this in the jump field…we’re not fenced in and he always seems happier on the grass and in a more open space.

Friday I decided to film out tests for this months entries. He’d had Thursday off and was feeling good. He worked in beautifully, and felt nice and relaxed when we headed to the school.

Intro A went well, I felt happy with this test and how he performed and felt our contact was more consitent and our halt a bit tidier, bot things the judges keep mentioning.

Then to Prelim 2 – This test is SASSY! I love it! Lot’s going on, and quickly, you have to pay attention! I half knew it, but as always, had a caller, and even Justine struggled to call quick enough!

The first 2/3rds of the test felt good, again, he was being more conisitent and willing in his contact and I was riding him well…then the canter…oh lawdy…left canter was a mess, I’ve spent so much time fixing right canter we’ve lost out left! Wrong lead, disunited, flying changes…you name it, we did it. Ah well, right cater was much better, and both were more collected than normal, so there are positives!

Now, I’d given myself a talking to about canter recently, I often start to giggle when we go wrong, and then fail to ride him properly, so this time, I kept calm and tried to correct and help him, ok, it was still a mess, but slower and less rushed, so I see it as a win.

So, I could’ve re-filmed the test, however, I felt the rest of the test was rather nice, ok, canter still needs work, but we know this! so I’d rather submit a video with a bit of a mess in and get feedback, than keep filming until it looks tidier, but possibly loose a bit in the rest of the test, also…at a competition, I get one go! So, when I fim, I do the same.

I know our marks won’t be great, and we certainly won’t place, but I want our journey to be an honest one, and this canter issue shouldn’t be hidden!

I’ve added the videos of my tests below, and results will be announced on Tuesday, so with any luck I’ll have my sheets and feebdack with me by the end of the week.

Thanks again for reading!

See you again soon

Lucy & Bojack


Intro A
Prelim 7

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