Dressage and Clear Round SJ

A few weeks back I decided to head a little further afield for the Colne Valley Riding Club Dressage and Clear Round Show Jumping.

I find BJ settles and has a nicer canter after a lil’ jump, so thought this would be a fab opportunity to have a little practice towards some combined training.

We set off early with the Sophie on board to be cameraman for the day and arrived in good time, it was at Stratford Hills and there was plenty of parking in the HUGE field we were in.

However…no toilets! I deserve a ribbon just for holding it all day to be honest! But luckily, that’s the only down part of the day.

The weather was ever changeable all day, from bright sun to icey hail, but always with a bitter wind, so the thermals were needed!

BJ travelled well, and stood like a champ on the pony express all day, I’m honestly so proud of this boy for being so chilled after being such a stress head on the lorry in the past.

With a huuuuge field to warm up in BJ was nice and relaxed and feeling good going into the first Class, Intro B. This was our first attempt at dressage in such an open field and we did well staying in the boards and keeping focus. We scored a respectable 69.56% and placed 2nd 🙂

We did a quick clear round after this class, the jumps were 35-50cm, so nice and small, but a nice reward for the boy after the dressage. Well, after 1 jump, the hail came down!! But we kept going, it wasn’t the prettiest clear round, but we made it round without knocking anything down!

A little break, then on to Prelim 14 – Restricted – This did not go so well! I was convinced we’d be lucky to score 50%, we almost left the boards at one point and my giggle fit after this meant it wasn’t the tidiest test…but…shock of shock, we scored a rather nice 65.19%! The rest of the class were fantastic and we didn’t place, but all I was worried about was getting practice cantering in a test. We managed to keep all scores above 5 and I’m so proud of my hard working boy.

We then had a quick spin around the clear round again, I just wanted to do a tidier/smoother clear round, and we did 🙂 He was calm and responsive and I was happy with our performance.

So time to relax, await the score sheets and prep to get ready to go home.

Here’s a little video from our day, thank you for reading, and we’ll see you again soon!

Lucy & BJ xoxo