A Matching Pair!

What a day!

It was our first solo outing to a comp and I couldn’t have asked for more.

The day started chilly…no..freezing! Up at 6 and on the road by 8 to attend the Gipping Riding Society unaffiliated dressage.

I’d decided to stick to intro for both tests as our canter still needs work to be ready for Prelim, so first class of the day, Intro B, we were due in at 9.48

I pulled up next to a familiar face I’d not seen in about a decade! Quick hello then on with the stressage!

There was a HUGE field to work in, that suited us just fine, he likes having room to stretch his legs and prefers the grass to a surface to keep him calm.

Our first test went ok, he was a little against me for the first 1/3 ish and took a while to settle. But I was happy overall, I made sure not to rush, to focus on my rhythm and tempo and keep him steady and consistent. Really trying to focus on riding each part of the test to completion and not rushing to get to the next part.

We scored 60.65%, with no scores under 5, so only just in my comfort zone, but we managed a first and I was proud of our achievement and the notes from the judge.

Then came the long wait for our next class…class 3, intro C, we were second in at 12.36.

The boy was a star, stood so well on the pony Express and made me so proud! I turned to a small block of ice and felt I’d never be warm again however!

By 12noon we were back in the warm up paddock and having a good mooch about, I didnt feel the need to do too much and kept him at walk and trot, he was very willing and ready to go!

The second test felt fantastic, a few blips down to my error or him losing a little focus, but I was beaming and so happy with him, starting to get all teary again and had to give myself a talking to!

The club was so friendly and welcoming, a really nice atmosphere to compete in, and a huge thank you to Alison for calling my tests for me.

I took the boy back to the lorry to un tack, groom,clean tack and be ready to head home before popping to check on scores.

Well…theres a shock…68%!! What a darling boy, it’s something special when you get a good score after a test you’re proud of!

We loitered to get our score sheet and ended up placing 1st again…a pair! I had to dash before getting all teary again!!

I gave my second chocolate bunny (perks of a first) to one of the girls parked next to me, a lovely family, 3 generations out for the day with the sweetest ponies and riders, one of which was extremely nervous competing and had placed 3rd, a really sweet family, I failed to properly introduce myself to and don’t know the names of, but another huge thank to them, not only for my cookie but also for keeping an eye on the boy when I left him alone.

All in all it was an awesome day, a wonderful atmosphere with friendly and helpful people, I’ll definitely be back and have booked into their showing show in a few weeks.

I got all emotional and sent a very gushy WhatsApp to my trainer Hayley when I got home too. Although I was a competition groom for 8+yrs I never really rode, I had no confidence and doubted my ability, and until I met Hayley 6 months ago never thought I was any good at riding.

Well, 6 months on, we started competing 3 weeks ago, 4 competitions entered, 8 tests, 8 ribbons 1st – 4th. If it wasnt for Hayley’s guidance, knowledge and belief in us we wouldnt have achieved it. No words can Express my gratitude for having her train us, #dreamteam baby!

I’ll stop my rambling now…

As always, thanks for reading, I’ve added a few pics below and also a lil video, mainly for mumsy, but if you fancy a watch please do!

P.s. I just got confirmation I’ve got a slot at the Charlie Hutton clinic next month…what a fabulous Sunday!!

Lovely big warm up

Standing on the box like an angel!

First test sheet back, complete with chocolate bunny!

Red is definitely his colour

Who doesnt love a moustache!

The days results

Our ribbons so far, no words 🥰