Made to Measure Bridles, Online Dressage and Hacking fun!

Well what a day! It’s been pretty awesome.

The afternoon started measuring up the boy for a custom made noseband, a lil thicker and a different buckle to keep him more comfortable and looking sexy as ever.

Then we toodled up to the jump field to work in and pop a few jumps before filming our dressage tests for e-riders this month. And boy…did he feel amazing! I thought a lil jump would relax him nicely and oh boy did it!

He felt so nice when we went in the school, I made sure to keep recent notes from judges and Hayley in my head and worked very hard on keeping my tempo and not rushing, and I think I did a pretty good job.

I was happy with how I rode him and as always, so happy with how he performed.

But after a great performance he was utterly shocked to find out his work wasn’t done 🙈 Sophie had asked for company out with the very sweet and extremely sassy William, brave girl pants engaged…and we’re going for a canter!

He was a perfect gent, we even popped over a few logs, and it was so lovely to see such a big smile on Sophie’s face having found that her boy could be trusted not to run off with her out hacking!

I’ve booked in a few more shows tonight too and am about to submit my dressage entries. Feeling rather fab and so in love with my boy!

Lil video below, and thanks for reading guys xoxo