Frillies, Dressage Practice…and a sneaky jump!

Do you ever get those days when everything planned just doesnt appeal to you?

That’s what happened today! I was due to head to my monthly peer group meeting but woke up with a niggling head ache and a drive to get in the salon and get a few bits sorted I’d neglected.

Having cleared a load of work yhis put me in a great mood for the rest of the day and when the headache cleared I was ready for a chilled walk with my lady, then off to the yard to see to the boy.

The sun was shining, birds were tweeting and the wind was freeeezing!

Today’s plan was to practice BD Intro B & C ready for filming tomorrow for e-riders and also ready for dressage on Sunday with gipping valley RC.

He was a little sharp to start, but a bagillion transitions later and lots of circles and serpentines he settled nicely and I tried my hardest to keep his tempo more regular and not to rush and was happy with what we did.

Again our transitions to and from walk need more work, especially when collecting him up after a free walk, but we make slow progress every schooling session so that’s enough for me.

After about 40mins in the school I was ready to call it a day, he’d worked well and I didnt want to overdo it before tomorrow.

We toodled up to the jump field and have a lil amble round, then I figured, hell, why not? We popped a jump, then another.

And before I know it I’ve made a little course in my head and we’ve done it twice.

He was a star, no hint of running out, really lit up when we started and happily took me to each fence without too much rushing.

I’m so lucky to have this boy 😍😍