Our Debut

Well…what can I say!? 

I’m still totes emosh, which is rather pathetic I know, but I’m beyond proud of my little man.

Today we headed to our first ever show, The Halesworth & District Riding Club Dressage.  I’d originally planned to just do class one, Intro A, and then was badgered into doing a second by the fabulous Krisstey on Thursday, so we also did the Intro B in class 2.  We still have a lot of work to do on our canter!

It’s ridiculous to think that I have accompanied an Olympic rider to the Nationals in the first year or so of my career and I was an utter mess at taking an Irish Cob to a local riding club show, I’m a mess!

I have to say how friendly and welcoming everyone was, I was so at ease and after being pointed out to me that I looked terrified! I remembered to smile and enjoy it.

Travelling went well and he was a superstar when we arrived, straight off the Pony Express to avoid any attempts at climbing over the partition or breast bar (we’re working on it!) a quick walk round and then tied up with his HayGrazer.

Ian had a crash course in becoming a groom and did a smashing job!

The warm up started well, he was a little tense, but I was wired so let him off and kept reminding myself to chill, it’s an intro.

A few springy bucks in canter, a million serpentine’s, and a few stop n natters and we’re all set to go in.

I accepted the offer of a caller, as had nightmares of me forgetting mid test.

So, here it is…our first ever Intro (and by that I mean neither of us have ever competed in Dressage before…ever…)

I was beyond happy with his performance.  Our first ever test…and we scored 70.65%

I’m still overwhelmed and speechless.

Lowest score was a 6 – our half circles – never been our strongest point so wasn’t surprised there. And at one point he tried to duck out at A!

Highest score of 8.5!!!! for the final MXK change of rein in working trot. and 8.5!

Final note being “Pleasing test with some super moments. Well Done!”

I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with my lad.

We then had a little break before our second test, results for the first class came in as I was worming up and I overheard Krisstey and Hayley “Don’t tell her, she’ll cry” Thanks Krisstey, so figured he’d done a good test and maybe we’d placed, but I tried to ignore it and focus on our next test…that I didn’t know….

Quick warm up and in we go…

A few more 6’s in this one, I lost my tempo and rushed a bit, always an issue with me.  But the bit I was so proud of, was our 20m circle allowing stretch, he normally giraffe’s at his point, but no, he felt amazing, massive smile on my face! and a respectable 7!

Again, a slight wobble at the first pass of A, oops! But overall comments were awesome.

“Lovely chunky fellow showing pleasing movements. Now needs to develop suppleness over back for consistent roundness & softness.  Take care not rush the tempo (with your rising seat) as results in pushing out of balance”

Overall it’s been a fantastic debut, more than I could have ever hoped for.  Fantastic comments and lots to go away and work on, especially our constantly crooked halt!

Anyways, my rambling needs to end now, thank you for taking the time to read/watch.  And keep watching the socials and the blog for our future adventures!

See you all again soon



The full day Vlog is below

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