Brave Pants Engaged

Well, after seeing him jumping Wednesday and sharing pics that Hayley saw…there really was no other option for my lesson Thursday, I engaged my brave pants and we jumped! First time in 10 years for me….scary bananas!

I once again forced my GoPro on Hayley and we headed to the school.

Once again, I had so much fun with this awesome pony, and the most surprising thing for me, was how calm he was, we kept it nice a simple, heading towards the jumps in a calm trot and just letting them happen, and even as they got bigger, after the jump we could have a long rein and bumble round. I was worried he’d get over excited with them, but no, once again my lad was calm and sensible and we worked well together.

Please remember when watching the video that I’m massively out of practice, and far from confident when jumping, my biggest issue has always been jumping before the horse…this has not changed!

Now to progress slowly and learn to trust each other and not get in his way. I think I have a habit of slowing him too much so he’ll catch rails and fail to take off, but I guess I’d rather that then winding him up!

Once again, thank you for reading and watching the video, and I hope you’re enjoying our journey as much as I am.


PS. Yes, my left hand in rising trot is driving me mental too, no idea what it’s problem is at the moment!!

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