Bojack regains his wings!

We’ve really been enjoying the early spring like weather in winter, BJ’s had some lovely naked days in the field and I’ve been putting my brave pants on!

Tuesday he enjoyed a day off, and Wednesday I thought I’d pop him on the lunge and remind him how to jump, he was an utter star!

He came out feeling goooood! He’d spotted the wings and rails and was strutting his stuff on the lunge while warming up.

He happily took himself to the trot and canter poles and flew over them, I was getting the impression he’d missed something a little more challenging.

The first jumps were simple small cross rails and he popped them with ease, I even caught him locking on halfway across the school and taking himself to them.

We then progressed to some uprights, and 80% of them he did with ease, he can occasionally rush and bury himself in them, but is always very honest and tries his best.

I was flying high watching my lad have so much fun, so the last few jumps we really pushed him, loose schooling over an 80cm oxer.

He was a star!!

I’m so proud of how well he did and how hard he tried, and it was really helpful to see him jumping on his own without me getting in the way, now I not only know he can, but also know where I can help him as a rider and hopefully we’ll be out at our first fun clear round jumping soon!

as always, thanks for reading!


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