#teamequissimo – What Can I Offer You

Some of my followers may have noticed that I have been taking part in the #teamequissimo brand ambassador search this month. And today’s question is what I can offer them, so here goes…

First off…this boof…Monsieur Bojack, as I affectionately know him, has an impressive Poirot moustache, which I feel if the source of all his power…who doesn’t wanna smooch this boof? It helps him fight crime in his spare time you know?

On a more serious note, I’m a hard working and dedicated team member. I can offer a loyal and professional BA who understands the role very well, running my own business and managing a team of my own BA’s I’m aware of what is expected from the role on both sides.

Through my work I run a FB group with over 13000 members, my YouTube channel has over 35,000 subscribers and I’m used to running various social media profiles with over 10000 followers, with regular content and engaging with my customers. Yes, my work isn’t in the equine world, but my skills are easily transferred to the equine world.

As an ex competition groom I am used to working with many different brands and products and know what is expected from clothing and equipment needed for day to day yard life and competing, and can review products accordingly.

I’ve built a reputation in the Nail world for my honest reviews and will always be honest with my suppliers/supporters about their products, so my reviews have integrity. I’m not just saying it because I’m sent free things/paid to, I only review and recommend products I would personally use.

Not that I give bad reviews, I’ll always go back to any supplier/supporter with my honest opinions before sharing them with my followers.

Although I am an ex comp groom, I am entirely a grass root rider, I didn’t ride for work and always stayed on the ground, this is my first pony that I’ve actually had to produce myself, and have a plan for! We’re right at the start of our journey, so it’s an exciting time to join us for the ride. I’m excited about the idea of building our bond and continuing with our journey and would love to have the support of #teamequissimo along the way.

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