#teamequissimo funny stories

Today’s challenge from Equissimo is to share our funniest equestrian stories…I didn’t think I had any U or PG rated ones I could share, but while walking the Piglet I remembered a doozy!

We’ll go back maybe 8 years, to Lummen in Belgium. It’s a 2 week show and has rained beyond belief! Everywhere is flooded and miserable, but after a few days the tracks are cleared and I’m starting to dry out, and even the sun is making a few appearances.

I head to the ring with the fabulous Timo, to meet my rider Cody, she’s a young american, early twenties, pretty lil thing with long blonde hair and typical Connecticut accent.

We’re stood at the warm up watching a few other riders before the class starts, there’s a warm up behind us too, with riders gathered behind, some watching our warm up.

We’re watching a young lad jumping and talking to his groom as she sets jumps. and Cody turns to me and says.

Cody – That Irish accent is horrendous.

Me – (looking around for the Irish people I’d missed the last few days, only a few Brits are here and they’re not Irish…) Which Irish accent?

Cody – That boy jumping now, that’s the oddest Irish accent I’ve heard.

Me – What, Donald? He’s a Whitaker, they’re not Irish, he’s from Yorkshire.

Cody – I’ve never heard that accent before, it’s awful.

Me – Some may say American accents aren’t that great either you know, and I wouldn’t shout that too loud, everyone form the UK pretty much loves every Whitaker.

Cody – Who are they?

Me – A showjumping dynasty!

About 10 minutes pass, and it’s time to get on and start warming up, as Cody is about to get on I notice a tall blonde rider walking our way and start giggling to myself as have an idea what’s coming next…

He taps her on the shoulder and looks her straight in the eye, cheeky smile on his face.

“You know what? Your accent’s pretty awful too”

As he walks off as I crease up laughing while Cody just looks confused.

You guessed it, William Whitaker had been behind us in the warm up watching Donald and heard the entire thing!

The following year I remember a younger Whitaker, possibly Thomas (I struggle to remember last week, let alone 6-8 years ago!) was at our barn for a few weeks and I’d spend most of the time translating what he said to Cody, she never could get the hang of the thick Yorkshire accent!

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