Equissimo Order Review

It’s been about a month since I had a little shop, so decided to treat myself, well, the boy with a few new bits and thought I’d do a little review.

I placed 2 orders and received them both within a week of placing, well within the time stated on the website and easily trackable.

Well packaged and not too much waste, which I like.

First up is the Mark Todd Leather Headcollar to be used a travel halter for shows etc. He already has a leather halter for the yard so I wanted a second for best. As expected its good quality and well made. I’ve always trusted Mark Todd products as they’re always a good quality and workmanlike. Not to say they’re dull or anything, more that they are clearly well made for daily use, no fuss designs, but with all the features you want. This halter has an easily adjustable noseband, buckles both side of the headpeice and clip on the throat lash for ease of use. I went for Cob size in Brown. It’s a good size with room to adjust, the leather is a deep rich brown with white stitching and Mark Todd embossing. Both the headpiece and nose band have light padding and are soft and supple.

I love the simple and classic look of this headcollar, it both fits and suits BJ well.

Next up is the Kentucky Horsewear 4 Piece Sheepskin Headcollar Set. I got into floof with the showjumpers…and now can’t travel without it! It adds a extra comfort for journeys and looks so smart. It also helps absorb some of the boys sweat as he is a hot beast when he travels!

I bought the white set, which is a really nice soft cream natural sheepskin colour, mine are a little more yellow than the pic on the website…but it’s natural sheepskin so a slight colour variation is to be expected and doesn’t bother me.

The set is well made and robust with plenty of room, often sheepskin sets can be a little snug, especially on padded headcollars, but these have plenty of room to be easily attached and I imagine even the headpiece would easily fit around a shaped/anatomic halter.

Third on the list – new reins! I need something a little grippier and also a better size, finding Cob size reins seems to be a mission, but not with the Montar Leather/Rubber Reins!

I went for the Cob, Brown, French Hook variation. Finally a set of reins the right length, with grip that isn’t bulky and ugly and a simple cut. Huzzah!

The billet (French hook) attachments are nice and supple from the start, I have a lots of issues with my hands from work so gripping can be painful, but these are easy to open and close with no discomfort. the plain leather part of the reins is a beautiful colour and feels strong yet supple. The grip section of the reins blends well with the leather and the leather backing to it is padded and super soft. The reins are sleek and elegant and I’m sure there’ll help with my contact and letting the reins slip through my hands!

I’ve been using them for a week now and have found BJ can’t snatch the reins from me as easily as he did before, it’s making it a lot easier to keep a consistent contact while riding!

And finally, a little something for me. the Kingsland Madelyn Ladies Knitted Headband. Typicall I spend so much on him and only nab something from the dale section for me! It’s super cute and I’m glad I did. The colour is a nice smokey grey, the bling detail adds a little sparkle without being too much and the headband has a super soft fleece lining making it super snuggly.

Overall impressions of Equissimo are fab, the items are as advertised, arriving in good time and as described. Communication from the company is excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to order again. The range of products is good and the companies ethos is to be applauded. They’ve clearly worked hard to find suppliers of premium quality products that re worth every penny. And although to some the prices may be higher than they normally spend, I’d encourage anyone to invest in the quality you get from these carefully selected brands. The items I’ve bought are of high quality, well made and I have no doubt they will last well.

As always, thanks for reading guys xoxo

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