She’s not so boring afterall…

This weeks lesson was probably BJ’s favourite to date, he realised I’m not an amazingly dull mumma and he can do fun things. The poles came out and his ears pricked!

He had a little booboo on his nose so I removed his noseband as it would rest on the cut and I didn’t want him feeling uncomfortable.

We’ve spent the last 4ish months working on the basics and trying to create a nice foundation to go forward with. This was his first lesson in the new yard and there’s lots going on but he did so well, so we decided to take it a little further.

The sun was out, I was in just a t-shirt! and we set to work. His canter is coming along nicely, still our weakest gait, but he’s learning to slow down without trantering/collapsing into a heap. Lots of cantering while out hacking has really improved his work in the school and he’s finding his balance and rhythm easier to keep steady now.

After a little break Hayley got the poles out and he was instantly perkier, I think I bought a little showjumper without realising.

I think it’s been at least 10 years since I last did polework, which made it a lot of fun for me too, and I must admit, I’m now desperate to get jumping! We both think he may be a bit of speed demon when the jumps come out though, so we’ll take that nice and steady for my sake!

Here’s a little video from our lesson…

I do try and film most lessons, I like to watch back and see what I’m getting better at and how I need to improve.

This was the first week I forced the GoPro on Hayley and have to say I look the footage, I can clearly hear what she’s saying and see what I’m doing, it’s like having 3 lessons in one as I learn so much more for re-watching.

As always, the biggest things I need to work on are

  1. Lower leg position – always creeping forward…you’re riding a horse, not sitting in an armchair woman!
  2. My hands – stop bobbling them about, and keep the contact consistent, I too easily let the reins slip through and I must stop!

Things I’m happy with are

  1. My transitions – I feel we’re getting better every day with these, more consistent and uphill then they first were.
  2. Rhythm – he’s such a responsive pony and responds so well with the lightest aid, I’m much quicker at feeling when he’s speeding up and quickly half halt and bring him back to me.

This coming week I’l be working on keeping my lower leg back, hands still with a good contact and practising our canter, ready for our lesson Thursday when we’ll be attempting a trial run of our test next month.

Wish us luck!

once again, thanks for reading xoxo

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