On the move…the search for the ideal yard…

I honestly feel like Goldilocks at the moment…the search for the prefect yard is a tricky one!

My first yard with BJ was a full livery, great facilities, but no turnout in winter and I missed mucking out, sorting his feed etc.

The second yard was full DIY, with no support and few facilities, so I’m in charge of everything, but no experienced help and feel I’m splitting myself in 100 directions between work, pony and life! but he has turnout again…so there is a plus!

The third yard…we moved last week and I think I’ve found the happy medium I was looking for. DIY Assisted…He’s seen to at one end of each day and I do the other, I muck out, sort feed etc and know when I’m not there that someone I can trust is turning in or out, rug changing and feeding. I’ve a nice sized, well maintained school to use, lunge pit, field full of jumps and even some cross country jumps, to top it off, access to a local private estate for all the off-road hacking I could want. Well maintained winter & summer grazing and a Loddon stable in a chilled yard where he’s making friends already.

And as a plus point to all of this, the yard is super sociable and everyone is so friendly! So many yards say they have a zero tolerance on bitchiness and drama, but so often this isn’t true. But after just one week here I can see it is true here! I know if I have any problems or concerns I can talk to the yard manager and sort them out easily. It’s a great base for when we get or pony express too as not too far from a main road to get us out and about, and plenty of lorry parking!

The first day I was there I went out for a little toodle with two other liveries, I actually rode in the rain! go me! big girl pants were on and BJ enjoyed having company. I’d forgotten the enjoyment from hacking in a group and I’m loving the social side of the yard.

Here’s our first, rather wet and squelchy ride…

It was the first time I’d gone out with more than one horse and it was nice to see he was his usual calm and collected self, he’d moved an hr or so before and I love that this boy has such a level head, gives me a lot of hope for our adventures that he can come off the lorry and be himself and keep his head.

The next day was utterly stunning, it feel like spring has sprung! But I’m keeping the heavyweights close by as I’m sure the snow is just hiding around the corner!

We went exploring on the estate on our own and I love how fresh he was! Very on his toes and have a good look around at the new sights, lots of scary pony eating bushes, but even when he’s unsure, he listens and takes his time to think about things. I’m not sure if it will show in the video, but we passed lots of dear, squirrels, rabbits and more…and had a not so controlled canter!

The new yard is so chilled, welcoming and friendly, he’s settled so well and I’m looking forward to making more friends and more fun times with the wonderboy!

Thanks for reading xoxo

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