Join the Club!

Following the advice/instruction from my coach Hayley I recently joined the Halesworth & District Riding Club, HDRC and entered my first ever dressage test! Actually quite terrifying!

I popped a post on the clubs Facebook group, just to say hi and introduce myself and met someone less than a mile down the road.

So, on Saturday, I put my big girl pants on despite the crazy wind and I crossed the A12 to go on a playdate.

It was an awesome day, I can honestly say it was the first time in over a decade I was out having fun on a horse I trust 100% and enjoying the beautiful countryside.

I met Anne at hers where she joined me on her fabulous mount Kody for a 10mile jaunt around the local area, she took me by some stunning houses and we enjoyed a few nice canters.

It was my first time using my new gopro, so my video isn’t fab, but I did a little YouTube video of our adventure!

Enjoy xoxo

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