A little bit of Luxury

Hey there you beautiful bunch!

Today I’m having a little ramble about a little luxury that I just can’t be without, hot water!

After years of working on some pretty impressive yards you get used to certain facilities, indoor schools, horse walkers, lunge pens, lush grazing, wash bays, grooming bays and solarium, and of course…hot water!

I’d say it 60-70% for the ponio, but also for me.  There’s nothing worse than losing the feeling in your hands and dreading the regular clean up when all you have is cold water.

I recently moved from a full livery with plenty of facilities to a DIY without.  The one thing I promised myself was a horse shower.  After snooping about I found the one I wanted. The Eccotemp.

As this beast arrived I started seeing all the new electric water heaters on social media which I’m now desperate to have a play with as they look rather smart, but most the sellers are asking for payment upfront with delivery dates going back every week, so I think I’ll wait on trying one of those.

The Eccotemp seemed a decent unit with good reviews, so in the boxing day sale I treated myself to the shower and stand.  It arrived promptly within the time stated (even though there was confusion when I requested tracking info), well packaged and as described.

Set up was easy enough, even though they say you need an 11kg gas bottle…which is difficult to find here, so I went for a 6kg, a little smaller, but fits nicely and isn’t too unstable, I just need to secure with some extra support.

The instructions are easy to follow and the unit works…well, it’s ok.

I can’t deny I’m somewhat disappointed.  even at full temp the water is warm at best, and the most frustrating thing of all is how the gas ignites well, but turns itself off CONSTANTLY!!! showering a small 14hh pony I’m reigniting it every few minutes, poor Bojack keeps getting icy blasts while he’s trying to enjoy his relaxing spa days!

The sprayer pack that comes with it is ok, but to be honest, I’d recommend buying a hozelock, as for the same price you’ll get better quality.

Overall, I spent just shy of £300 on the shower, sprayer pack and stand.  I’ve been using it a few weeks now and overall, it’s still just OK.  The constant need to re-ignite is frustrating at best, and for the price I’d want something more reliable.

On the whole, I’ll continue to use it and try to get my monies worth, however I’m not sure I’d recommend to others.

Overall I’d give it a 2.5-3 out of 5.

I also did a little video review on my YouTube.  If you have any feedback that would be great, I’m used to reviewing nail products so this is all a bit new for me!

Hope to see you all again soon.

Lucy & Bojack xoxo

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