The Second Part

Hey there again lovelies,

So, last time I promised to tell you more about my past, So I’ll try to do that, but to be honest it’s all a bit of blur!

At the beginning of my career as a groom I did various private yard and livery yard jobs before moving onto the competition side of things.  I pretty much fell into Show Jumping…I was looking for something different and was sick of having to hide tattoos/my hair etc. and SJ just appeared. No one cares what you look like, just that you do a good job!

The reason it’s all a blur is because time went by so quickly, I’d work most days, for long hours, and a few ciders were enjoyed on my time off!  I learnt so much, how to do thing right, how to never treat a horse if you want a successful partnership.  I worked with some amazing people and some terrible people!  I saw amazing success from dedicated, passionate trainers.  And witnessed things I really wish I never had.

I started in the UK, but soon headed to NL (The Netherlands) and was there about 2.5/3 years I think.  It was from here I met my american rider and ended up at the WEF in Florida one year.

It was an awesome experience, one I’m very glad I had, but I felt myself starting to lose my love for it all while there.

When I came back and went into a pub job for a few months, as a little break, before finding work with another rider in Cheshire…my first man! Until that point my riders had always been women and I thought maybe a change would help.

How wrong was I? While I loved my horses I was getting ready to leave the industry.  It’s bloody hard work! And that’s not me saying I’m a quitter in any way.  But when you devote your life to these animals and work your fingers to the bone for their welfare, it get’s old having to remind your rider to pay you every week, or to get shit when you need an afternoon off for the chiro etc.  Or once again miss a hugs family/friend event because your rider forgot you’d booked the day off and has booked a holiday of their own.  I’m not saying all my riders did all of these things, but there was always a few little things that made me want more control in my own life.

A few snaps from my time in NL and the WEF…yes, the surface is pink!

Hands down, the best part of my life in NL was becoming a mummy!  My darling Miss Evie (Miss Evelyn Adora Belle Dearheart) cam into my life while I was there and has been my wingman ever since.  There are no words for how much this gal means to me!


About 5 years ago, maybe 6 now…I finally was in a position to be tested for the BRCA1 gene mutation that affects about 90% of my family on my father’s side.

I’d known about it for a while, but testing was a bit of an issue when you’re travelling all the time, my sister convinced me to join her on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, it was the easiest way for me to be tested!  Helen would have her surgery followed, and my main reason for doing it, was so my cousin would get the revision/deconstruction she wanted after unsuccessful surgeries.

During the filming, which took about a year, I worked at 2 different yards, both of which I made it clear about the filming/medical appointments and that I would have the time off.  and both were accommodating.

I tested positive. I pretty much knew I would and wasn’t too surprised.  I felt more focused knowing and it really made me asses my life.  I was in an industry, that for the most part, is not that supportive and accommodating to what my future held.  I’d need multiple surgeries and knew a big change was needed.

All Change

When I left my life as a groom I had no plan!  I returned home to my ma and step pa and started to think!  I got a few pub jobs and the odd job mucking out to keep the pennies coming in, but needed something longer term.  I needed something for me to be able to build up enough to be able to take 3 months off in a few years…tricky…

Having always worn acrylic nails I decided to train as a nail tech, I figured I could do mine and maybe a few others and it would earn a few pennies while I figured out what to do, well, within 6 months of qualifying I was working full-time and turning people away!  The rest is history!  After a few years I started The Glitter Fairy, an online glitter shop and now balance my work life between these two.

Missing the Ponies

About a year ago, just after planning my surgery, I started to feel the itch to get riding and be around horses again.  I waited until after my surgery and after my 6 month all clear before arranging a ride with a friend.  In late July I met up with Krisstey and she arranged for me to ride a horse at the yard where she keeps her boy.  Well, that was it!  I tried my best to wait until spring to save and get my boy…well, we can all see I failed!

I’m so glad I had the break I did, I clearly needed it, and I’ve returned to the horsey world feeling refreshed and refocused.  It’s very odd coming from a competition background, to now being the owner of a porker cob. But I love it, he’s not GP horse, but he’s my little superstar and I can’t wait to see where we go!

Thank you again for taking the time to read my ramblings!

See you all soon